DPX 1200 PFS


DPX PFC is a series of ultra-lightweight power amplifiers able to provide, for professional mobile and fixed PA systems, a huge amount of power and the maximum performance and portability in a very affordable package.

Thanks to the high-density Class D technology employed in the output stages, we’ve been able to build very powerful amplifiers in an ultra-compact and lightweight package. The extremely efficient Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) with Power Factor Correction technology (PFC) helps to reduce further the weight and provides universal mains operation, delivering constant energy to the loudspeakers regardless of the AC line voltage fluctuations and eliminating the need for market specific power supplies and related reliability issues.

All models feature a built-in 24dB/octave stereo crossover with BI-AMP and HIGH-PASS options, for easily filtering a 2-way system without the need of additional outboard. Fast-attack precise CLIP LIMITERS guarantee maximum output without distortion, while a comprehensive protection system safeguards both the speakers and the amplifier.

The electronics is hosted in a feather-light all-aluminum case, able to provide an efficient cooling and, at the same time, protection and durability over the years.

DPX PFC are power amplifiers offering extraordinary value to professional entertainers, DJ and sound engineers looking for massive output, excellent performance and absolute portability.

• High-density Class D technology

• Very efficient Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) with PFC

• Built-in 24dB/octave stereo crossover

• Extensive protection system for maximum reliability

• Integrated fast-attack CLIP LIMITERS


• XLR input and link connectors

• SPEAKON output connectors

• AC, DC, thermal, short-circuit and VHF protection

• Precise 8-segment LED ladders

• FRONT-TO-BACK cooling system with variable speed fan

• Ultra-lightweight all-aluminum chassis 

• TOTAL WEIGHT less than 5kg

Tech description

Power 8 ohm *

500 W

Power 4 ohm *

850 W

Power BRIDGE 8 ohm **

1700 W

Output Stage

Class D

Frequency response (+0.5/-0.5 dB)

20 Hz – 20 KHz

Input Sensitivity

+2.3 dBu / 1.0 Vrms

GAIN (nominal/fixed)

38.2 dB

Input Connectors / Impedance

XLR-F (INPUT), XLR-M (LINK) / 20 Kohm (balanced), 10 Kohm (unbalanced)

Output Connectors

SPEAKON and Binding Post

Damping Factor

> 500

S/N Ratio (unweighted)

> 100 dB


< 0.15%



LED Indicators

7-LED BAR (ON, LIMIT, PROTECTION, -5dB / -10dB / -20dB / -40dB SIGNAL)


Variable speed DC fan, air flow from front to rear


AC low power, DC, thermal, short circuit, VHF, CLIP limiter

Mains Supply Voltage

100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (W x H x D)

483 x 89 x 255 mm (19″ x 3.5″ x 10″)


3.8 Kg (8.4 lb)

* Power per channel tested under EIA standard

** Power tested under the condition of 40ms burst, 1KHz sine wave and 1% THD.