KORG X 50 Synthesizer

Product Description


The Korg X50 61-key synthesizer delivers 512 professional-quality sound programs, generated by the HI synthesis system from the renowned TRITON series, together in a portable, lightweight, and reasonably priced package. Featuring 470 multi-samples, 518 drum samples, dual polyphonic arpeggiators, 16-part multi-timbral, and 384 combinations created of up to eight programs each. Four individual processors can be found in the X50s powerful effect section including one master EQ processor, one for insert effects and two for master effects. The Korg X50 synthesizer can be played from an external sequencer as a sound module by using the Multi Mode feature. Additional features include: plug-in sound editing software which enables you to program and fine-tune the X-50 keyboard from within your DAW software, a USB port, and 4-channel audio output.

The sonic power of the TRITON series in a portable keyboard.

  • Triton HI (Hyper Integrated) sound engine
  • 48kHz sampling frequency
  • 64MB PCM ROM
  • 470 multisamples, 518 drum samples
  • 61 velocity-sensitive keys
  • 62 voice polyphony with 62 oscillators (single mode), 31 voice polyphony with 62 oscillators (double mode)
  • 2 master effects processors (mono in, stereo out)
  • 1 insert effect processor (stereo in/out)
  • 1 master effect processor (3-band stereo)
  • All effects available simultaneously
  • 89 total effects
  • 512 user programs (512 preloaded)
  • 384 user combinations (384 preloaded)
  • 128 user multi sets (16 preloaded)
  • 40 user drumkits (16 preloaded)
  • GM sound map compatible: 128 programs and 9 GM2 drum kits
  • Dual polyphonic arpeggiator
  • Pitch bend wheel
  • Modulation wheel
  • 4 realtime control knobs
  • Audition key
  • Category key
  • 240 x 64 dot backlit LCD
  • MAIN-L/MONO, R outputs
  • INDIVIDUAL-1, 2 outputs
  • Dual headphone jacks
  • Damper jack (half-pedaling supported)
  • Assignable switch jack
  • Assignable pedal jack
  • MIDI I/O
  • USB/MIDI port
  • DC 12 V power supply
  • 38.39″W x 3.15″H x 10.12″D
  • 9.48 lbs.