Cymbal and hardware not included




The shell building technology has now been improved with cnc cutting tools, and thanks to a new tapping shape and a specific PU glue we have been able to reduce the stave thickness to only 7mm. This makes our shell structure more compact and solid than ever.
The slat consists of:
1. an outer HPL layer made covered with melamine or wood finishes coated with PU paint
2. birch plywood featuring five layers with phenolic gluing
3. the inner layer is coated with polyurethane (PU) paint to protect the wood from humidity
4. internal reinforcement rings in beech wood strips to tie together and tighten the shell



THE “S.T.” LUG (patent pending)

The new Tamburo ST (strong traction) lug stands out for its innovative design with two tie rods connected with a tube. It encloses in a single structure all the essential elements to guarantee the perfect tension of the skin in a sensitive, fluid and stable manner.
Consisting of:
1. an outer casing made of stainless steel (304): lightweight, mechanically resistant and non-deformable 2. it contains a threaded brass (OT58) pin: ideal to ensure a correct, accurate and long-lasting movement of the screw
3. ABS casing: with anti-vibration functions, pin lock and positioning of the clamping nuts 4-chrome-plated brass connection pipe



The casted block allows a smooth and precise tension adjustement on the strainer and, with a small magnete mounted on the mechanism, stability and reliability are guaranteed.



Consisting of two HPL melaminic layers ( an outer and an inner one) with twelve layers of beech at the centre, glued together with special PU glue to create an hoop with strong mechanical properties and undeformable in only 8mm thickness.



Chromium-plated die-cast block made with a light alloy featuring a double clamping screw, ensures quick and safe locking of the leg, Fitted with soft anti vibration rubber seal. The shape and small size makes it easier to position the drum in its case.



Ensures greater vibration for the drum, especially at lower frequencies, lightweight thanks to its reduced size.